Rugby in America is a cost-effective sports sponsorship opportunity for your business.


Build your company’s prestige and image through the association of sports.


Do you struggle with …

…finding a way to positively promote the image and culture of your business?

…building prestige for your business?

…having meaningful connections with your customers or clients?

…creating original content for promotion, exposure and awareness?

If you answered YES to any of the above, then keep reading.

We’ve put together high-performance sports marketing plans around the sport of rugby.  Marketing that helps to position your business front and center in conversations, promotion and exposure.

Tap into our expertise and knowledge!  Be a part of a dynamic community with a sports DNA.

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Did you know you can get premium sports branding and traction without big league pricing?

It’s true! You don’t need a BIG budget to get the prestige of being a sports advertiser, you just need to know where to sponsor rugby and how to use rugby content in your marketing plan.

But, the problem is that 99.9% of business owners simply don’t know how to get into the sport of rugby!

They pick an event, quickly throw together a plan because they’re short on time, then try to make the most of it!

Yet, no one sees their sign, no one visits their website & the worst of all, no one buys! Resulting in wasted effort in not only spending budget, but the planning efforts.

Your marketing effort should be about generating long term promotional content if not, you’re missing the secret sauce to finally building your business prominence.

So, what is the big deal about rugby?   We are about to tell you.

So, what’s the big deal?

People will always watch live sports and they’ll engage with their friends and other fans UNLIKE any other activity.

Rugby can create high impact content which allows sponsors to get much more traction.

Stories matter in life and in marketing. The reason is simple. Great stories make people feel something and create powerful connections between your customer and the characters (in this case teams, players, fans, the rugby environment) within the stories as they relate to your brand.

Stories are the perfect catalyst to building brand loyalty and brand value. When you can develop an emotional connection between consumers and your brand, your brand’s strength will grow exponentially.

Brand storytelling requires a means to be creative, which rugby offers.

Who is Professional Rugby Agency?

Professional Rugby Agency was created by Gregory Tanner, an entrepreneur and author of “The Business of Rugby”.

Since 2011 Professional Rugby Agency has been helping entrepreneurs and business owners build dynamic partnerships with rugby. Our clients have created engaging and action-packed content reaching local to national markets.

We are the only rugby focused sports marketing agency in the United States with a focus on providing the information and services needed to make rugby a cornerstone of any business promotional plan.

We offer perfect world sponsorship activation for businesses of all sizes in the most cost-effective sport in America – Rugby.

Start the conversation.

Helping businesses and entrepreneurs, we understand your challenges, concerns & ambitions.

Make the most of your brand association with a major sports event that includes rugby without the major league ticket price.

Why sponsoring rugby will finally get your business front and center.

Sponsorship is Interactive. While advertising is a monologue, sponsorship is dialogue.

Sponsorship is Emotional. It taps into events, places and causes that consumers are passionate about.

Sponsorship is Relevant.  It reaches consumers in places they choose to be in.

Sponsorship is Immersive. Through multiple touch points and components.

Sponsorship is Efficient.  Cost per impressions are lower, and cost per interaction is more valuable.

Frankly, a rugby sponsorship is the most effective way to build the great stories that make people feel something and create powerful connections as they relate to your brand. The secret is…you must have a partner to help you garner the story telling and content.